Saturday, March 12, 2011

{ White on White }

Although not practical for my lifestyle, I'm finding a lot of white on white designs that I am attracted to.  There is something simple and peaceful about these images and products.  Soft accents work well in bedding, different textiles and patterns layered together.

via Style at Home

Ceramics and linens complement each other.  Seems like the perfect combination for a setting.  Since this wouldn't work with a 3 year old, I love the idea of adding little pops of white to a room, perhaps some vases or an interesting candle holder.

via At Home

Vein candle holder {designmilk}  |   Filament White Vase Collection {Calvin Klein}

I love light and these finds would be really nice in a space.  I wish I had an area to hang this lighting fixture.  It would look awesome in a large open space.  It seems that with white on white, it's all in the details.  Like this image where style at home adds a unique lamp with a lace ceramic vase.

via Style At Home  |  Noon 12 {Zeitraum}

And finally, I just love the way these shelves are simply organized.  Seems like a unique approach to minimal design.  Finding interesting tchotchkes that combine to create a unique space with plenty of negative space.  So simple and clean.  I'm a convert now to white on white what I'm seeing!

via lushlee

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