Monday, January 16, 2012

{ Textured Walls }

My guest room has been on my mind for some time now. It needs some TLC, for sho'. Needs a new paint color and some new linens, but I wanted to first think about the overall feel. I had an a-ha moment via HGTV the other day...mama wants some texture on an accent wall. Budgetarily (pretty sure I made that word up) speaking, it will probably be in the form of some textured wall paper. Discussed this with my girls Kristine (from A Graceful Home) and Tobe (over at Because It's Awesome) and I'm pretty sure I got the support I needed to go ahead and make this a reality. Like any good over-analytical designer, first comes some research...

Also on a side note, visited Tobe's lovely new home and I must say, that shizzle it TIGHT!  She is definitely gonna make that place a beautiful Tobe masterpiece. Thanks for having me over, sista!

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  1. word. can't wait to see it!!! (or get talked into helping - whatevs) and thanks for the shout-out, yo! ox