Monday, May 16, 2011

{ Mirrors for Monday }

I've been searching for the perfect mirror to hang above my bed, and in my quest I've seen some very inspirational pieces...I need more rooms in my home to display these.
via Rydeng's Blog

via The Diversion Project
via Decora Tu Alma
via Sweetie Pie Style


  1. LOVE these images! esp that first one - have always wanted to do that with my bathroom.

  2. You know how much I love mirrors!! Always love your posts! Just wanted to let you know that I've given you the Liebster Blog award!! Come on over for the details!

  3. beautiful images! you can never have enough mirrors. So happy to have found your blog through Kristine of a graceful home. Newest Follower!

    xo tamra

  4. That collection of gilded mirrors is BANANAS. I am totally smitten. I can't even tell you how awesome that wall would be in my house...or the HUGE FIT my hubby would throw if I purchased that many mirrors...(c: But that is beside the point, isn't it?