Sunday, April 17, 2011

{ Spring Planters }

I've started to work on my porch...planting some flowers and greenery.  I've been collecting a variety of pots over the years and I love to find unique shapes and keep a variety of different styles and sizes all around.  Here are a few that I was excited to find online.

1. Perpetual Kew Planter {Anthropologie $28}  2. Plant Orb {Sprout Home $116}  3. Xlarge Obleeek {Obleeek $225} 
4. Galvanized Planters {CB2 $10-$40}  5. Modern Spun Hanging Planter {Sprout Home $78}  6. Stoneware Planter {ABC Home $35} 
7. Kelly Lamb Planters {General Store $95}  8. Blanca Medium Planter {Crate & Barrel $15}

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