Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{ Birdcage Bliss }

I know that the birdcage is sort of an old trend by now, but I couldn't help but reconsider my feelings for this as I was researching some new ways to add a little bit of creativity to a room.  I came across some really fresh looking uses. Starting with this awesome vintage image I found, which sort of started my quest to see what else is out there.  I was pleasantly surprised.

via modern50

I also found some very modern uses for utilizing a birdcage in decor.  I thought these were quite visually pleasing, just set in a thoughtful place to display.

the happy home Geninne's flikr 

I've seen some new unique ways to integrate a birdcage into decor.  I love these light fixtures, they bring so much interest to this minimal space.  I'm really loving this shelf.  The shape is a really neat take on the idea.

desire to inspire  |  urban outfitters

I also love this little find.  I am imagining so many uses for this: hanging jewelery, displaying cards, in the kitchen to hold recipes, family could fit in many different rooms!

via pinterest

The idea of creating a vintage feel with dark colors and contrasting textures appeals to me.  I think the birdcage might be a trend that will continue to be timeless, and translate to so many different styles.  I was excited to find so many different takes on the classic idea!

via sundayinbed

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